Student Impact

Reaching Every Student

A Captive Audience and Consistent Learning Environment
OnTrack!’s program model is uncommon in that it has regular, sustained access to large cohorts of youth. By developing partnerships with schools, CCC is able to reach all students in eighth and ninth grades, not just those already enthusiastic about their futures. This is essential, since youth who are apathetic about their futures are most at risk of dropping out and are least likely to seek extra support when they need it. The writers at make sure to help where it's possible, but it's difficult to write the best custom writing from scratch.

OnTrack! is Embedded in the School Day
CCC’s program serves every student in the 8th and 9th grade during the school day, instead of being offered as an elective course or as a smaller after-school program which would impact select or fewer youth. By serving complete grades during the academic day, CCC is able to reach large numbers of youth and engage them in an ongoing conversation about their futures that positively influences both peer and school culture.

College-Going Culture
By serving all students in a grade level, CCC helps to build a college-going culture which is critical in urban schools.  A college-going culture helps raise expectations that all students can achieve at a high level, provides support for students who come from households where parents and guardians have not attended college, and helps fulfill the promise that public education is indeed a gateway to success and opportunity.