Student Impact

Importance of a College Degree

A Shrinking Job Supply
The number of jobs available for people without at least some form post-secondary education is shrinking: 80% of the nation’s fastest-growing jobs require at least some postsecondary education and many require advanced degrees.

Declining Income
Individuals without post-secondary education earn only half as much as those with Bachelors’ degrees, a gap that grows over time as those with Bachelors degrees have increasing opportunities for promotion and advancement.

This is especially true in Washington DC, where more than half of jobs are held by individuals with at least a Bachelor’s degree, and living costs are among the highest in the nation. By 2018, when this year’s high school freshmen will be graduating from college, more than 70% of the city’s jobs are expected to require at least some post-secondary education. Competition for the small portion that does not will be fierce.