Student Impact

Younger Students

CCC’s program works with youth while they are in the 8th and 9th grades, at a time when they are at greatest risk of dropping out and most need to understand how high school completion and college-preparation are related to their ability to succeed later in life. Support is the main thing, from school halls to the finishing stages of editing phd dissertation.

Educational research shows that the most effective work that schools and communities can do to increase the likelihood that students graduate and pursue post-secondary education is to support students as they transition from 8th grade to 9th grade. Specifically, research suggests that the 9th grade year is the most critical year of students’ high school experience and that without a positive 9th grade experience, many students choose not to continue.

In providing exactly this type of critical programming, College & Career Connections is distinctive.  There are few other organizations working with youth as early as the 8th grade on college and career programming. In addition, CCC is high-impact: it works with every single student in a grade, including those who would not be focused on their future otherwise.