Student Impact

Program Design

Student Impact
CCC’s workshops build students’ awareness of their interests, potential future careers, and college options. Throughout the year, students create a personal portfolio outlining their interests, skills, future plans, and steps for achieving their goals. If one of the students wants to buy essay online, it's also included in the list of services. Each student leaves the program having achieved the following:

OnTrack! begins by engaging students’ in self-awareness activities so that they better understand their interests, strengths, and talents.  When students are aware of their interests and capacities, they better understand that they matter and are capable of meaningful achievement.

Career Options
Youth served by CCC typically have a limited understanding of the diverse educational and career possibilities available.  By exposing them to diverse career options and then helping them connect their interests and talents to different professions, OnTrack! gives youth new frameworks for envisioning themselves and their future, and helps them understand the important role education can have in shaping their futures.

College Awareness
Additionally, most youth CCC works with do not see college as a personal option.  They do not see themselves as “college material” or believe that they can afford college.  CCC’s program works to change these attitudes by breaking down the college application and financing processes. CCC provides youth with direct exposure to college students and a college campus while helping them to create a personal plan to prepare for postsecondary education.

Skill Development
Finally, OnTrack! helps youth develop skills such as time management, self-advocacy, and goal-setting, which are critical skills they will need to advance successfully to high school and meet the major milestones on the road to postsecondary education.