The Impact

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CCC is filling an existing gap in college access programs by serving youth in grades 8th and 9th. We help students build a framework for success in education and the workforce and a basic understanding of the possibilities that exist for them. Our programs help them understand that these options are for them and learn the steps they need to take to make them a reality.

CCC's programs also lay a foundation for the work that other quality college access programs do in the upper high school grades when it is time to apply for college and financial aid. Without early exposure programming during their formative years, many students will not seek out the help of these programs because they have dropped out of school or just don’t see college as a real or relevant option for them.

In addition to contributing to increased high school graduation and college going rates, CCC's programs help prepare students for success in the workforce, which is a significant indicator of their future socio economic status and affects their quality of life.